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Annaline (Owner-Host)


Owner / Host / Wine expert Annaline Doelen was born in Wageningen, where she studied at the hotel school and then specialized as ‘Vinoloog’ (wine expert). In 1985 she came to Maastricht and begun her hospitality career at the castle of Wittem. From then of on, she became manager at 't Kläöske, L'Escale, Le Vigneron near the OLV Square and De Hertog at the Hertogsingel (all in Maastricht). Since 2001 she is the owner of Wine Restaurant Mes Amis. "My parents have inspired me a lot. They learned me about hospitality and the typical Burgundain lifestyle. They taught me that "eating" is not only a necessity. Dining is a combination of enjoying dinner, relaxing and interacting with the peolpe amongst you. At the table, conversation is almost automatically created and delivers maybe the most important and beautiful moment of the day", indicates Annaline. But above all, it is all about the experience we are trying to create. If you can strengthen this as an owner-host by working with special people (in my case a motivated team and passionate regional suppliers) than a dinner at Wine Restaurant Mes Amis must surely be different than usual!? You arrive as a guest, because you want to enjoy a meal and drink a glass of matching wine. When you enter, I want to make it easy and unforgettable for you. You do not need to think anymore about making decisions: just enjoy all the aspects.

In the end you become an Ami (e) and start looking forward to the next visit...


Mes Amis was chosen as the most hospitable restaurant in Maastricht

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